The PANNORAMIC 250 Flash series digital scanners have been an ideal solution for digital pathology since their introduction in 2011. Thanks to its award-winning Flash scanning technology, PANNORAMIC 250 offers a versatile, high-quality, and high-speed scanning solution to high-volume scanning tasks.

3DHISTECH is continuously developing and improving the performance of its PANNORAMIC products to remain the fastest whole-slide scanner available on the market.

The PANNORAMIC 250 Flash III won the 2012 International Scanner Contest in the following categories: Scanning speed 20x; Scanning speed 40x and Image quality 40x.

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Fast scanning and high throughput

The Flash III scanning technology offers fast scanning (35 sec/slide) and high throughput (60 slides/hour) (brightfield scanning, 41x optical magnification, 15mm x 15mm area, 15 FOVs Focus Distance, JPG compression, MRXS file format).

In order to comply with frequently used tender specifications, slide loading capacity has been increased to 300. This will reduce idle times and thus further increase slide throughput at both routine and research laboratories.

Continuous loading

Continuous loading with vertical slide arrangement ensures easy access to slides in unloaded slide holder magazines. Also, a cover makes sure that no ambient light is shed upon your slides. The reworked slide loader allows for slides ranging from 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm of thickness.

There is no need to stop the scanning process in case of magazine changes and magazine unload, just keep on loading and unloading your slides into the system as they come!

Flash scanning technology

The light source offers very high stability in time over the lifetime with sub-millisecond switching times. Directly mounted on the scanner for maximum light coupling, the digital image is recorded with continuous slide movement by flashing the stroboscope light source in repetitive rhythm with perfect synchronization.

Brochure - 3DHistech Digital Pathology Solutions

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Capacity300 slides
Scan Speed35 sec/slide
Objective typesPlan-Apochromat 20x (NA 0.8) and 40x (NA 0.95)
Magnification40x and 80x
Fluorescence ScanningYes (optional)