CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat

Achieve optimal sectioning quality with the Cryostar NX50 cryostat. Designed around the needs of routine clinical laboratories, this manual cryostat offers a form-fitting design with optional height adjustment, Cold D supplementary cleaning system and vacutome.

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The CryoStar NX50 Cryostat follows in the footsteps of the popular CryoStar NX70 Cryostat by offering standard features well-suited to the routine clinical histology laboratory.

Ergonomic/Safety features

  • Optional height adjustment from 82-112 cm to allows for sectioning while sitting or standing and accommodates users of different heights quickly
  • Body contoured band and integrated arm rest controls
  • Motorised coarse advance to max 3 mm/s
  • Cold Disinifection (Optional) Disinfections the cold cryochamber in just 50 minutes.
  • Handwheel lock, blade guard and magnetic blade removal tool
  • 3 Program memory for storage of regular sectioning parameters
  • Touch screen operation with intuitive software to accommodate multiple users
  • Manual sectioning – For motorized sectioning please see the NX70 cryostat

Cryochamber features

  • Spacious stainless steel chamber for workflow organisation
  • Chamber cooling to -25°C±2°C (at 20°C ambient)
  • Separate specimen head cooling to -43°C±2°C (at 20°C ambient)
  • Continuously cooled knife holder to -27°C±2°C (at 20°C ambient)
  • 18 cryobar storage positions including 1 quick freeze location
  • Integrated peltier fast freezing device rapidly cools to -57°C±3°C
  • Vacutome (Optional) for stretching of cryosections

Microtome features

  • Manual light touch rotary flywheel
  • Section thickness from 0.5 μm to 500 μm
  • Precise stepping motor blade advance for minimal vibration
  • when sectioning
  • Vertical stroke length of 64 mm
  • 48 mm horizontal feed range
  • 20 μm specimen retraction on return stroke, with optical indication
  • Sample orientation adjustable 8° in the Y axis for increased stability and 360° z axis rotation
  • Standard unit includes Rapid Response Object Head Temperature Control, form-fitting design and color touch screen user interface for control of instrument functions
  • Optional features include integrated height control, cold disinfection module and vacutome system

Brochure - Cryostar NX50 Cryostat

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Brochure - Epredia NX Series Cryostats

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