CryoStar™ HM525 NX Cryostat

Deliver high-quality results comfortably and efficiently with the HM525 NX cryostat, a high-performance routine cryostat with intuitive software and touch screen for simple, efficient operation.

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Ergonomic/Safety features

  • Mechanical handwheel lock
  • Optional UV disinfection
  • Automatic specimen retraction on return stroke
  • Touch screen operation with intuitive software to accommodate multiple users

Cryochamber features

  • Chamber cooling to -35°C
  • 27 cryobar storage positions including 4 quick freeze locations
  • Integrated peltier fast freezing device rapidly cools to -57°C ± 3°C
  • Programmable and immediate defrost options

Microtome features

  • Manual light touch rotary flywheel
  • Section thickness from 1μm to 500μm
  • Memory function for rapid advance and specimen positioning
  • Vertical stroke length of 60mm28mm horizontal feed range
  • 40μm specimen retraction on return stroke
  • XY specimen orientation with 360° z axis rotation

Brochure - HM525 NX

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Brochure - Epredia NX Series Cryostats

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