Cytoblock™ Cell Block Preparation System

Facilitate quick, reliable processing of FNAs, tissue fragments, and cell buttons with the Cytoblock™ Cell Block Preparation System.

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The Epredia™ Shandon™ Cytoblock™ system is designed to facilitate the preparation of paraffinembedded cell suspensions, cell aggregates, and tissue fragments. The Cytoblock system simplifies the production of paraffin blocks from cellular material, and increases the yield of useful blocks from cellular suspensions and cell aggregates. The Cytoblock system can also be used to process tissue biopsies and fragments which are difficult or impossible to process using other techniques. Preparation of cell blocks with
the Cytoblock system is so simple and reliable that retention of a paraffin-embedded block for every cytological sample is a practical laboratory procedure.

Cytoblock can be used to produce paraffin-embedded blocks from fine needle aspirates, cutting needle cores, body fluids, and residual sediment from other cytological preparations. Cytoblock is also an ideal method for processing tissue fragments such as small biopsies, curettings, and other specimens which are too small to be processed in standard cassettes. The use of the Cytoblock system eliminates the need for teabags, tissue wrapping, and the potential loss of tiny fragments.

  • Increases ability to process scanty or unseen material for cell block and reduces loss of critical material
  • Suitable for immunohistochemical techniques
  • Replaces time-consuming and costly agar and thrombin techniques
  • Requires phosphate-free fixative on processor, such as Epredia™ fixatives Zinc Formal-Fixx™, Formal-Fixx, or Glyo-Fixx™ (formalin substitute) or simply bypass formalin fixation steps on processor
  • Cytoblock system can also be run on a rapid biopsy program